August 21, 2019 at 10:59am | Lisa Quin

Finding Houses

Based on your criteria (location, wants, needs, financing) I will be sending you houses from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is the most reliable source of housing information.

I encourage you to drive around, drop into open houses, go into new home neighborhoods, and look at public websites. Here are the things to remember when doing those activities:

When you meet another agent, please give them my card so you can stay protected.

Public websites are much less reliable than the MLS.  

When searching online stay within the criteria you developed

My preferred public website is:

Evaluating Houses

We will be looking at houses that fit most of your criteria. So when evaluating houses consider:

  • How does this house feel to you?

  • Are you comfortable with the location in the neighborhood?

  • Can you see yourself living here? (i.e. you want to sit down, you are placing your furniture, etc.)

  • Do you feel safe in the house?

While you are thinking about the above, I will be thinking about:

  • Neighborhood – Commute, restrictive covenants, association dues, crime rate, and houses being maintained.

  • Property Condition – Age of major systems, utilities, disclosures

  • Future Development – Number of houses completed, undeveloped area, scheduled road improvement

  • Financing – Does this house fit into the loan you selected?

  • Property Value – Holding value over time

  • Other – Curb appeal style, topography



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